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$40.00 PC Tune-Up
We pick it up and drop it off!

Our Tune up consists of the following.

Disk Clean Up - Removal of temporary files, temporary internet files, office setup files, offline web pages, downloaded program files, recycle bin, setup log files and compression of old files.

Clean Inside of Unit - A shock to the inside of your unit could short circuit your motherboard. We take the necessary precautions when removing the dust from inside of your pc.  Excessive dust could also play a part in a machine overheating and automatically shutting down.

Defrag Hard Drive - Defragmentation of your hard drive alone can boost your performance. Depending on how much you use your machine decides how frequently you should defrag your hard drive. Weekly is suggested for high volume users.

Adjustments to System Configuration Utility - Having unnecessary programs that run at start up can cause slow boot up times and use crucial memory. This alone can give your system a boost.




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