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Media Services

     Let us convert your media for you.  Do you have old tapes that you paid for but don't even own a tape player?  If so we can help you.  Tapes are just about out dated and some of your tapes might not be available anymore.  We have a solution for you that is cheaper than repurchasing the content.  We will convert your tapes to either an mp3 file format or a CD audio format.  This is called digitization.  Let us digitize your media.  Quality depends on the source.  We do not repair tapes we just convert them.

"Digitization of audio tapes"

1 Audio cassette tape converted to 1 CD $10.00
2 Audio cassette tapes converted to 2 CDs $15.00
10 Audio cassette tapes converted to 10 CDs $50.00

"Digitization of VHS tapes"

1 VHS tape converted to 1 DVD $15.00
2 VHS tapes converted to 2 DVDs $25.00
10 VHS tapes converted to 10 DVDs $75.00




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