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Power Supply Upgrade/Replacement

     First let me start by saying it is common for a power supply unit (PSU) to die.  This can happen for many reasons.  Using your computer during a storm or incorrect voltage from an outlet just to name a couple.  When you attempt to power on your unit you should hear the fan or some beeps.  If you suspect your PSU is not working try these steps.  Proceed with caution, PSU's can cause shock even when unplugged.

Step 1. Make sure you have a live power source.

Step 2. Even though rare double check to make sure you do not have a faulty wire.

Step 3. Make sure the correct voltage is selected on the power supply.

Step 4. Remove case and make sure all connections are secure.

Step 5. Remove dead PSU.

Step 6. Insert new PSU and connect all cables.

Step 7. Put case back on unit.

Step 8. Plug in and power on unit.  If unit still does not work than it might be the motherboard.



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