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We will first attempt to run some of the leading spyware removal programs.  In the world of the everyday changing spyware this is often not enough.  If this does not work we will resort to a system restore if possible.

Some cases of Spyware are so severe that we recommend a full system reinstall.  Each case varies and is difficult to determine without actually performing some diagnostic testing.

Spyware Preventive Measures for Windows XP users – Spyware downloads itself to your pc without your permission.  We recommend that you have a firewall and enable your XP firewall. Another way to help protect your pc is to create an account that has limited rights.  We will call this account your “Surf” account.  This account will be used when ever you are on the net and are unsure if it is a trust worthy site.  By making your “Surf” account have limited rights programs will be unable to download to your pc without permission.  This alone could save you from Spyware.  Simply log on to your “Surf” account when you want to surf the net freely. 

How to set up “Surf” account.- Start, Control Panel, User Accounts, Create a new account, name your account, Select Limited, Create account.

What is Spyware? - Spyware is any program that downloads itself to your pc without permission and does not give you the ability to remove it.



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